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jill shampine

One in Four

One in Four

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This autobiographical sculpture series explores distinct childhood memories.  The work focuses specifically on the ages of seven to fifteen and the impact of those years into present day.  Combining hand crafted art forms with both raw and embellished found objects, I chose each component in this work to represent myself, people and items that have significantly impacted my life.  I create compositions to represent relationships and emotions while materials signify specific traits or actions.  Traumatic events give insignificant, everyday objects meaning and value.  I translate the objects and moments that haunt my mind into pieces of my story through sculptural abstraction.

This particular piece was inspired by the abuse that I suffered as a child.  Years ago I heard that the statistic for child abuse was 1 out of 4 children are affected.  I created three hand woven, symmetrical weaves and one weave that is full of sharp and abrasive materials.  One in four children will be forever haunted by awful memories of what we have been through. 

Materials:  Yarn, wood, wire, paper, fabric, spoons and hinge
41" x 31" x 4"
Created in 2020.

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