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jill shampine

Envelop Me

Envelop Me

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This autobiographical sculpture series explores distinct childhood memories.  The work focuses specifically on the ages of seven to fifteen and the impact of those years into present day.  Combining hand crafted art forms with both raw and embellished found objects, I chose each component in this work to represent myself, people and items that have significantly impacted my life.  I create compositions to represent relationships and emotions while materials signify specific traits or actions.  Traumatic events give insignificant, everyday objects meaning and value.  I translate the objects that haunt my mind into pieces of my story through sculptural abstraction.

This particular piece was inspired by the men's shirt in the piece. The shirt belonged to my father, who passed away when I was seven.  After he passed my mother cut the sleeves so I could use it as an art smock in school.  I wore it and was so careful to never get it dirty.  One day a classmate wiped some paint on it and I reacted with hostility to which she responded who cares, it's only a smock.  To me, it was so much more. It was a hug that no longer existed and a connection to someone of whom I was half of.  The hand woven fabric is representative of me as a child.  The fabric was created on a rigid heddle loom and is attached to a wire hanger that hangs on a metal hook.  

Materials:  Yarn, twine, fabric, paper, batting, shirt, hanger and metal hook
Size: 72" x 26" x 5"
Created in 2020.

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